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        Campus recruitment [More]
        The successful of the 2012 campus recruitment
        Research of Wuzhong District Mayor [More]
        Mayor of Wuzhong District Jin Jie Come to Our Company for Research
        Most Potential Enterprise Award [More]
        Ernst & Young the Most Potential Enterprise Award of China
        Mayor Research of tigerbuilder [More]
        Mayor Research of tigerbuilder
        Supermarket established [More]
        Supermarket established
        Second Anniversary Celebration [More]
        Second Anniversary Celebration
        2011 Exhibition Centre [More]
        2011 Exhibition Centre
        2011.04Quality award [More]
        2011.04Quality award
        ?? ??Tigerbuilder Group, one PCB-based Hi-Tech multi-industry enterprise, holds five Hi-Tech companies. They are a PCB factory which mainly produces high-end HDI PCBs, a software company which R&Ds ERP system specially for PCB industry, an EMS , a Management consultant firm and a PCB technology R&D center.
        ?????Our team of tireless engineers continuously pursuing PCB industry’s best techniques, so that our product and service can satisfy you all the time.


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